Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wishful Wednesday - Harry Raymond Reed Sr.

I wish I could have met Harry Reed Sr.

There are so many family stories, the only information I have to go on most of the time, and I'd like to know, why didn't you talk about your family?

Or did he talk about them.

Harry Sr. died when Harry Jr. was seven, so I'm not sure how much Jr remembered, and what he did remember, at least after the death, wasn't pleasant.

I'd also ask him why he was working in Virginia on a smokestack, was there no iron working jobs to be had in Charleston or WV?

Then there is the scandalous family story....I wonder what detail he could add to it?

The story goes, that when the Reed's came over from where ever they came from, haven't figured that out yet, they were actually Reid.

They stayed Reid for a few generations...until somewhere in Ohio, an ancestor held a political office and was naughty. He was run out of town, he changed his name to Reed, went to a new town, and got back into politics.

Then, there's also the question I would ask, what, in the world, happened to all your family papers?

The current generation of Reed's, my hubby's dad and his siblings, are all about family. It's a big get together Thanksgiving and Christmas. Was this a passed down trait or the reaction to the lack of family history?

Maybe someday, I can give them the gift of 'here's the information on your grandfather's life.'

Here's to dreams......

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