Sunday, March 2, 2014

Winter Virtual Genealogy Conference by Family Tree University


I attended the virtual genealogy conference this weekend put on my Family Tree University and it was awesome!

Fifteen classes to be downloaded and watched, complete with PDFs of the slides. Six live chats to participate in, and transcripts to be downloaded if you missed the live portion.

Freebies in the 'Exhibit Hall,' daily door prizes, and a discussion board with lots of different topics.

All from the comfort of my couch, with my dogs, no cost for gas and arranged around my schedule.

Don't get me wrong, I still like going to a conference, but the virtual one was awesome as well.

I gave Evernote a work-out this weekend with the conference. I created a notebook just for this conference and made a note for each class that I've watched, each live chat or transcript that I've gone through, and even made one for reading through the freebie digital Family Tree Magazine.

I've added articles to a separate notebook to be read later.

I even learned about a new, at least to me, Evernote feature that I LOVE. It's called Penultimate, and it's a free app, it requires a tablet (I have an iPad) and a stylus. It's allows you to write notes on your tablet and creates it's own notebook in Evernote.

At this moment, I've only played around with it so I don't have all the ins and outs, but good bye paper notebook! Don't get me wrong, paper still has it's place, like a copy of a map from the library, but my library bag just got lighter.....

There is another virtual conference planned for September 19 - 21, here's the link, go check it out.

Ok, I'm headed back to the conference now. More discussion boards to look at and another live chat coming up.