Sunday, November 10, 2013

Obituary Sunday - Harry Raymond Reed Sr.


Today is Obituary Sunday, so I'm sharing the obituary of Harry Reed Sr. There are actually two of them.


The first obituary appeared in the newspaper, can't remember at the moment which one, on Friday August 9th, 1935 and the second appeared on Saturday, August 10th, 1935.

It told that he was fatally injured on Wednesday (8/7/35) and died on Thursday (8/8/35). The death occurred in Virginia, where he was working, and he was brought home Charleston, WV for his services and burial.

While both obituaries contain lots of great information, and finally let me validate the family story of his death, they have left me with more questions then they answered.

  • What church was Rev M. R. Smith at? (and really, Smith?? Come on now)
  • His parents, seven brothers and five sisters were still alive - yay! But no
  • According to Spring Hill cemetery, he was buried in free ground and I haven't been able to get too much information out of them due to the age of the records.
  • His funeral home was Owen and Barth (based on research) and they are now closed....sigh
  • Then there is my inability, thus far, to locate his death certificate, but I'm still looking for it.
Until later......

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