Friday, November 8, 2013

Introduction to the Harry R. Reed Mystery

Welcome to my genealogy blog.

I am researching the Reed's in Virginia and West Virginia.

My focus is on the mysterious Harry Raymond Reed Sr.

Family stories indicated that Harry Sr was killed in a work place accident, when his son (Harry Reed Jr.) was seven. After a couple years of research, I was able to determine that Harry Sr was indeed killed in a work place accident, in Virginia, in 1935.

At the time, his family was living in West Virginia, he was simply working on a job site in Virginia.

Harry Jr was indeed seven years old.

He was brought home to West Virginia for burial. And this is where our mystery picks up.....

I have the obituary from the West Virginia newspaper that tells that Harry Sr.'s parents, five sisters, and seven brothers were still alive in 1935, but gives no names (and the living family has no names and no old papers).

Harry Sr was buried in Spring Hill Cemetery and Spring Hill Cemetery has little records of him other than being buried in 'free ground.'

The funeral home, Owen and Barth, no longer exists and, I have thus far, been unable to locate the current keeper of the old files.

Since he was killed in Virginia, the death certificate is not digital and my search on the microfiche for the death certificate has not been successful.

Harry Raymond Reed Sr.

Born: approx 1906, VA
Died: Aug 8, 1935, VA

If anyone has any information on this family line, I would be happy to share any information I have.

I will be updating this blog as I continue my research into the Reed family tree mystery.

Until next time,

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