Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Reid/Reed Surname Mystery and Those Pesky Nicknames!


I was led to the 1930 census with Wailon Reid through a tip from a reader. The 1930 census placed him in Charleston, WV.

I know from all my research on Harry Sr that the city directory for Charleston is a wonderful source of information and there began my search.

I couldn't find the names I was looking for - Wayland or Wailon, Reed or Reid. I was a tadbit frustrated.  

So I tried searching by his wife Phoebe Ruth. There was no Phoebe, but there was a Ruth.....ah ha.

Ruth Reid's husband was listed as William R Reid. Nope, can't possibly be him.....or could it?

Before dismissing it completely, I went back to the 1930 census to look at the house number, maybe I could confirm it that way. But no luck from that angle. I did, however, notice that he was listed as a machinist in a glass factory.

Guess what William's occupation is? He's a machinist at the Libby-Owens-Ford Glass company.

So, now I have another name to add to the search - could Wayland/Wailon be a nickname for William R Reed?

Before I married into this family, I would have been utterly surprised by the nickname because there does not appear to be a connection. But, this is from the same family where Harry Jr was called Jack and Mable Louise was called Penny.

Perhaps the new name will allow me to find  the death record for Wayland/Wailon/William, whatever his name happens to be, lol.

More to come......

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