Sunday, January 12, 2014

New, to me at least, genealogy research tool


I am trying to work with Evernote to help with my research. 

Since the Reed paternal line is somewhat elusive I have to kind of search around and go 'well that could be them' and then save it for later verification. 

I'm hoping that Evernote will help with that. Using my Ipad, iPhone, and Mac I can grab screenshots or copy links, all sorts of things. 

There are notebooks that you can create and then make a stack of books. So,for instance, I can make a book for the newly found line of Wayland Reed (Reid) and wife Phobe, label it RWPK to match my computer filing. Then make a stack of Reed notebooks. 

I'm really looking forward to putting Evernote through it's paces. 

I also have more Reed line revelations to share in a future post. 

I'll share more as I continue to work with Evernote. 


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